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Multilec Engineering has technicians that are Hazardous Area certificated to perform EEHA IECEx inspections as defined in the Australian Standards AS/NZS (IEC) 60079-17 Explosive atmospheres Part 17-Electrical installations inspections and maintenance.

Before a new installation of plant or equipment is brought into service, it shall be given an initial inspection at a detailed grade, and all non-conformities recorded. The hazardous area inspection may draw attention to any areas of concern to propose remedial recommendations for any necessary corrective action.

The initial detailed inspection is a mandatory legislative requirement outlined in the AS/NZ 3000 wiring rules and AS/NZ 60079 part 10.1 & 10.2

Grades of Hazardous Area Inspections

  1. V for Visual inspection: An inspection which identifies defects apparent to the eye without the use of access equipment or tools
  2. C for Close inspection. An inspection that included all those aspects covered by a visual inspection and identifies defects which will be apparent only using access equipment and or tools.
  3. D for Detailed. An inspection which encompasses those aspects covered by a close and in addition identifies those defects which will be apparent by opening the enclosure and or when it is necessary to use tools and equipment.

Mobile Equipment

  • To maintain a level of functional safety with compliance, mobile or temporary electrical equipment utilised in a hazardous zone must be appropriately certified.
  • Certification for the zone, gas group, operational temperature range and temperature class must be verified prior to entering or energisation with in the zone.
  • The EEHA report compiled from the inspection provides for all stake holders the verification of compliance for safe and reliable operation prior to mobilisation.
Hazardous Area

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The Australian Standards AS/NZS state that the grade and frequency of periodic inspections required are determined by the type of equipment, manufacturer’s recommendations, all factors governing probability of deterioration, area classification/EPL and the noted recommendations from previous inspections.

Periodic Inspection

  • Rotator for fabrication
  • Variable speed control for rotation
  • Periodic inspections are intended to monitor the environmental impact and deterioration of the apparatus in a hazardous area over time.
  • Examples of a period inspection would be facilities where large numbers of individual pieces of equipment are installed in a hazardous area, and it would not be practicable for an individual inspection to be conducted. Periodic inspection will allow for a designed sample inspection size to be completed.
  • Sample inspections should not exceed a duration of 3 years.

Continuous Inspection

  • Where the plant is accessed on a regular basis in the normal course of work and inspection service care and maintenance of the electrical installation is completed by authorised and licenced personnel.
  • Continuous Inspection with supervision how ever does not remove the need for an initial and designed sample inspection.

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Design, manufacture, and installation of specialised control systems. These may control any number of mediums ie water. air, hydraulic, glycol, diesel, sewage for process control.

The main and most important objective is to understand what the client requires and provide the best tailored solution.

Collaboration with a client rather than working for them is a cornerstone to a successful working relationship.

Fabrication can be completed incorporating the

  • Custom designed and fabricated control panels
  • Stainless, mild steel, GRP, plastic, aluminium
  • Hazardous Area rated Ex e or Ex D

PLC Programable Logic Control panel

  • Allen Bradley
  • Panasonic
  • Omron
  • Mitsubishi
  • Automation Direct
  • Red Lion
  • Schneider
  • Danfoss Plus 1 specialist
  • IFM

Electric Motor Starters Panels

  • DOL Direct Online 240vac or 415vac
  • Soft Starter
  • VVVF variable speed drives

Upgrades and or replacement of existing panels

  • Upgrade of an existing relay logic control panel
  • Implementation of additional safety relays and

AutoCAD Electrical drawings

  • GA General Arrangement or Layout
  • Termination
  • IO Input and Outputs

Industries: Petrochemical, Electricity Transmission, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater Systems, Manufacturing, Agriculture

Control Systems

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Mutlilec Engineering have been a positive partner in delivering a successful project with innovative design in the concept and high standards of execution on the delivery. The outcome base focus has been completed both in the Perth metropolitan area or several remote areas from the Pilbara to the Great Southern.

Design and manufacturing is managed in our Welshpool Facility with FAT for all works completed prior to dispatch. Installation of the packages with full documentation for the commissioning stages can be provided to ensure full compliance with AS3000 and the stakeholders requirements.

Minesite specifications and installation standards for steel conduit and NEMA cable ladder have become a cornerstone of the deliverables.

Locations and unusual applications for:

  • Topside or Subsea Oil and Gas
  • Hay Plants and process control
  • Mining both fixed plant and mobile
  • Chemical with Hazardous Area

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