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The CAN-based devices are a rugged and powerful interfaces suitable for mobile and hydraulic applications.

Designed to work standalone, with other device is the PLUS+1® electronics environment or other manufactures utilising CAN-based communication protocols.

Displays (Commonly known as HMIs in the automation industry)

With the same capabilities of the PLUS+1® Controllers, suited for pump, motor, valve, servo and logic control with Danfoss’ own PLUS+1 GUIDE programming language or any of the IEC 61131-3 Standard Protocol languages, programming and communication via CAN bus network, making it simple for the system integrator all the way to the end user via the PLUS+1® Service Tool.

They benefit from the ability to be mounted in harsh and hot environments; they’re fully sealed, utilising automotive/mobile industry standard DEUTSCH connector technologies, making the controllers perfect to installation in enclosures, engine bays, operator compartments and machine rooms.

Displays Commonly known as HMIs in the automation industry


Fully programmable CAN-based device for OEM and PLUS+1® integration or simple analog control for pump, motor, valve and servos.

Single and dual-axis configurations, mechanical and electrical interface options: our joysticks are as versatile as they come. A complete range of modular PLUS+1® Compliant joysticks support our intelligent mobile control solutions.

Standardised off shelf configurations or endless configuration possibilities with ergonomic designs of straight, left or right handed grip orientation.